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This guide will teach you how to make beautiful, simple videos from screenshots or photos from your Android device. You can add theme music or your own music! Thanks for reading!

Step 1

Select your Google Tools/Apps icon on your Android device.

Step 2

Open Google Photos

Step 3

Once it loads, you may need to select "Albums" and then "Screenshots" or "Camera" depending on what photos you want to include in your video.

Did you know
If you press the VOLUME DOWN button and the Power Button simultaneously (and let go quickly) you can take a screenshot from your Android phone?

Step 4

Press down (click) and hold the first photo you want to display in your video.

You will see the "1 Selected" box at the top. Simply click more photos to add them to your soon-to-be video!

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Step 5

In my video, I selected 9 photos. Now, click the "+" sign to open the build menu.

Step 6

Select "Movie" to create a simple video from the photos you selected.

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Step 7

Wait while it uploads your photos. Ever hear of IcyMusic? Listen while you wait :)

Step 8

In this photo, I circled the three action items at the bottom. From left to right... Effects, Music, Slides.

First, let's set our music up...

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Step 9

I chose "The Engagement" because it is a slower beat. You can play around with the music and theme music until you find what you like.

Step 10

Now we set our effect. I love the "Memories" effect, but you may choose what fits your fancy!

Step 11

Go back to your Google tools (step 1) and open Youtube and login. Then click the "Account" icon and then click the "Video" tool [circled in green in this photo]

Step 12

Select your video. Give it a Title and description and upload to YouTube.

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Step 13

Wait for it to upload... ever hear of AA.army? Play now!

Step 14

After your video has uploaded, click on it to view it!

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Step 15

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Step 16

Promote your promo video!

Share your video with friends and add it to this site!

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